For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with how truly amazing the human body is & how it all works. Throughout my 20's & 30's I really struggled with my health both mentally & physically. During this time, it felt like no matter where or who I turned to, I simply could not get the help or answers I needed to heal and feel well. My energy & mood was low, my stress & anxiety levels high and I was constantly getting sick. I had severe gut issues & no matter what I did I felt constantly exhausted. I turned to a glass of wine (or 3) to make myself feel better which almost always ended in superb self- loathing, sleepless nights & a feeling of complete and utter hopelessness.

In 2014 I was guided to learn Reiki & from there, my healing truly began. As I worked with clients, I very quickly learnt, that so many people were also longing for good health but not knowing where to start or who to turn to. I wanted to be able to do more for them & for myself. I went on to learn life coaching, to guide people further and then studied Massage therapy to get a deeper understanding of the human body biomechanics. But still there was a missing link - I wanted to know more about how the human body truly heals, repairs & rebalances to ensure good health not only in the short term but also as we age. There is so much on the internet these days, and everything contradicts itself, there is so much noise and misinformation. I needed to find out what was truth & what was fiction, but above all, I needed to relearn how to listen to my own body to understand what it needed to be well. I am now a Prekure Certified Metabolic Nutrition Health coach which I believe beautifully compliments all the other modalities of health & healing I have learnt over the years.

The information I have learnt is backed by evidence based science, and yet it is holistic & so simple! What we do each & every day, our thoughts, our behaviours, our habits and our mindset - these create our health & wellness both now & long term. In theory it is simple but often change can be hard! That's where having someone to guide, support & empower you can be life changing. As we talk out loud, we often learn our own beliefs! Today I can place my hand on my heart and say with every ounce of my being, I am so very grateful for the path I have travelled. I wake up excited about the day ahead, I work with amazing people & I have energy & clarity that I never believed was possible. As I approach 50, I continue to build a strong, healthy body that takes me on hill walks and allows me to do all the things I love. My mind is peaceful & calm, giving me the freedom to be creative and connected. Above all I am abundantly happy, I am healthy & I am blessed.
I would love to walk beside you on your journey to wellness - to live your best life!
When the time feels right - call me x

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“The most interesting journey of your life starts now”

Thank you so much Jacqui, you were a great support and so encouraging and I loved that you followed up and sent through information on what we had spoken about. You made it so comfortable to talk about things without any judgement and great guidance throughout my journey. Thank you so much, Sue x “

Thank you so much Jacqui, it’s definitely different this time, and after your guidance, I’m realising that I can wobble and get back on track …. it doesn’t mean I give up altogether” .“