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Health Coaching

If you are ready to take control of your wellbeing, create a healthy, happy lifestyle that is right for YOU – let’s get started! Together we dive deep into what health outcomes you would like to achieve, what’s keeping you stuck & from here create the life & health you truly desire. It IS possible and you ARE worth it ! On top of coaching I have loads of great resources to help inspire, motive & empower you. This is not a sprint to the finish line, it is about creating lifelong sustainable lifestyle habits, behaviors & mindset upgrades to support the health you deserve. I offer a free 30 minute connection call to see if coaching is right for you. 

One : One coaching – online or in person

Health Refresher Session – this is for you if you just need a little guidance, motivation & resources to gain clarity & get back on track
$120 – one off 90 minute session


12 week – Deep Dive Package
Includes :
1x 90 minute exploration coaching session
6 x 60 minute coaching sessions
Full payment $699 or 3 payments of $240 (conditions apply)

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4 week Metabolic Reset Program

The 4 week Metabolic Reset program is LIFE CHANGING!  If you are ready to learn more about insulin resistance and metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, gout, fatty liver, high blood pressure and cholesterol – this is for YOU!  There are 4 simple to follow, illustrated, informative workbooks supported with loads of videos, a members page and tons of great resources. After each workbook we will have a 60 minute coaching session (4 in total) to answer questions, feedback & set some simple goals. There is no race – healing repairing and reversing takes time – but we need to start NOW!  Being on medication long term, is NOT a solution, this can lead to other side effects which in turn require more medication. Together, we can help your body heal, repair & rebalance naturally so you can get the results you deserve.  

One on one or group coaching available.

One on One – The 4 week Metabolic Reset Program starts as soon as you decide to take control of your well-being & call me – there is no race – give me a call and let’s have a free chat to see if this program is right for YOU!

$590.00 – includes all workbooks, resources & 1:1 coaching.

Next Group program – June 2024 – Christchurch – more details coming soon!

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Gut Health Makeover Program

Coming soon 

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Usui Reiki - Level One training - Please email to register your interest in upcoming courses.

Reiki healing – 60 minutes – $95 

Traditional / Usui Reiki can be likened to a “Massage for the Soul” – it is a gentle holistic healing treatment that supports the bodies own Self – Healing ability. Are you feeling a little out of balance, overwhelmed or underwhelmed by life? Are you longing for a deeper sense of relaxation, a feeling of peace, calm and connection to Self?  

A Reiki healing is different for everyone, you may experience – 

  • Reduced pain and discomfort, both emotionally & physically 
  • An improved sense of overall well-being
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and tension
  • Increased energy, clarity and vitality
  • Improved Sleep

Reiki helps to restore you to a state of balance & calm by unlocking your bodies own natural healing abilities – it is from this place of relaxation that physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual healing can take place.  

Available every Tuesday 9am – 7pm at Flow Therapeutics – 229 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch 

Ignite Your Well-being - You are worth it!