Health and Wellness Coaching

Guiding, supporting and empowering you to live your best life! 


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Health & Well-Being Coaching

Do you struggle to make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes on your own?. If you long to feel healthier, happier, more energised and an overall sense of improved well-Being - having a Health Coach can be a game changer! Health Coaching is about guiding, supporting & empowering you to be the very best version of YOU!! Whatever Health concern or wellness goal you have, we work together to create healthy habits, behaviors & lifestyle choices to support you. If you have tried but failed, struggle to be consistent, find it hard to do it on your own and you are ready, willing and able - it's time to connect to see all that is possible.
One on one coaching, in person or online available.
Group & corporate coaching available.

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The Metabolic Reset Program

Metabolic health issues such as type 2 diabetes, excess weight, fatty liver, gout, high blood pressure or cholesterol, don't have to mean ongoing medications and increasing risks and complications. Restoring insulin sensitivity is the first step and it starts with our 4 week program. If you are ready to restore insulin sensitivity, normalise blood sugar levels, achieve a healthy body weight and rebalance hormones - get in touch to learn more. We work through a step by step program, this offers informative workbooks, videos, comprehensive resources and coaching to support you every step of the way. You will be guided with lifestyle strategies, scientifically proven to help prevent further damage & improve your health. Claim back your health today - you are worth it!
One or one or group coaching available.

Gut Health Makeover Program

Are you living with pesky digestive issues that leave you feeling uncomfortable and sluggish? Our comprehensive Gut Health Makeover Program is here to transform your gut and supercharge your overall well-being. If you are ready to finally take control of your health to experience - enhanced digestion, stronger immunity, radiant skin, less bloating & discomfort, more energy & improved sleep then this is the program for you! Bloating, indigestion and irregular bowel movements do NOT need to part of your everyday life. This 12 week program is your step by step roadmap for a comprehensive gut health reboot. There are 2 choices available for this fantastic Gut Health Makeover program - Self study for those that are happy to put into practice what they learn in each module at their own pace or premium 1:1 90 day coaching program which includes 6 coaching sessions to guide & support you.


Empowering you to achieve optimal health and wellness that's right for YOU!

My name is Jacqui, I’m passionate about helping men & women live their best life – physically, mentally & emotionally. As a Prekure Certified Metabolic Nutrition Health Coach, massage therapist & Reiki practitioner, I have worked with clients facing an array of health concerns. I work holistically but fully believe in marrying this up with evidence based science.  Focusing on the 5 pillars of health – nourishment, movement, sleep, stress & connection, these areas are all deeply interconnected & often over complicated. To feel energised, alive and vibrant, the lifestyle choices we make each & every day, create our health outcome. If you are ready to make sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle changes in order to be the very best version of YOU – contact me for a free 20 minute connection call to see if coaching is right for you. 





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